My son found her last February someone had dumped her on our lane she was only 5 weeks old, she's grown into to one of the sweetest cats ever, very vocal always has something to say to you, she is a house cat as she is terrified of going outside.

Diva is a 7-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier I've hand reared her from 2 weeks of age. She is my loving loyal and clever little pup.

She can do so many tricks but the best trick of all is when I ask her for a cuddle and she put her front legs over my shoulders and gives me a cuddle.




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Ffern just loves to jump for joy! It is one of her most favourite things in life. The other things she really loves to do are swimming, playing with her friend Basil the horse and fetching many things that she is asked to - including her dinner bowl - of course, to be filled with food!

Ffern is also a special friend, helping me when I’m not feeling well and giving me confidence and cuddles when I need them.

She will always be my Pet Idol.

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